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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Busta Rhymes Da Goodness


Busta Rhymes is one of Hip Hop's most animated, energetic and gifted MC's and he never disappoints. This is a well known fact, considering he is one the most well known and sought after MC's in the game. He has appeared on and destroyed countless records with a wide range of artist; East, West, Dirty, you name it. With his unmistakable voice, and his ridiculous delivery Bus-a-Bus takes effort he appears on the next level.

Hear It!

Yo, Pepe LePew I ain't messin wit you

or stressin your crew, your own niggaz be testin you too

Fuckin wit you, makin your bitch unbuckle her shoe

Watchin this bitch while she already know what she wanna do

She follow me home, and on the way she swallow me bone

The Don Corleone, she wildin all inside of my zone

C'mon bitch, let me creep you out, peepin you out

Sneakin you out, over to my crib, freakin you out

Eveready, now turn off the telly, turn off the celly

The way I be hittin it got you sweatin makin you smelly

Shit funky like your mother with her STINKIN ass

Type of shit that'll have you aggie and ready to blast, WHOO!

Baby just hold a second and give me a chance

Let me go put my rubber on so that we really can dance

Now we huggin you know we fuckin until my nuts bust out

Cardiac arrest of the pussy and pass the fuck out


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