"Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it?" Jay-Z

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spliff Star Last Night


Hear It!

A lot of brothers don't like me

Screw me when they site me

Pop a lot of shit, but they scared to death to fight me

See me in the club wit Bus on some lamp shit

They see me on the on stage wit Bus on some amp shit

Before this rap shit, it was the corner crack shit

But now I'm round the world on some autograph shit

Spliff-I-Spliff strap the 4 5th round the waist

Ya'll niggas want war, let me deal with the case

Ain't nothin to it, brother I got the heart to do it

Blast in, cover the sidewalk wit ya fluid

Ya niggas stupid, ya got brains, brother use it

Ain't nuthin gonna stop my black ass from gettin cash

On the real, that's how deeply I feel

A born again hooligan, hungry for this meal

Got the iced-out platinum rings that you wanna steal

Come and get it, watch ya whole shit get wetted

Street corner colonel, got enough cats to set it

So if you ain't doin shit , ya niggas need to dead it

Watchin my money, it cause bullets in ya tummy

It's all real here, there ain't no fear here

You mess around here, you catch ya death here

I mean it, you could front, but you believe it

Nigga guard your life before I turn around and steal it

Look into my eyes and analyze what you deal wit

If I can't find you, I take it out on who you be wit

Type of bitch nigga I would never smoke a tree wit

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yukmouth Do Yo Thug Thang


Hear It!

Niggas used to hit me up
Till they see that fuckin' Régime insignia,
Up in the sky Firebreatin' dragon
Niggas bout to die make it feel like Armageddon,
When I'm beheadin'
And wettin niggas up at they own wedding
With they own weapons
Count your blessings ghetto lesson number one:
Never try to go to war without your gun
Niggas get done
Since I quit fuckin' with Num
I get one's like Big Pun
Off the books, have your body in a coffin look
Nigga I'm off the hook
Like a phone thats jooked
And burned out
Thugged out and turned out
Slap that motherfucking perm out your head
Niggas dead, if you ain't Régime, or Outlaw
Kiss the ring I do my thug thing without y'all
Matter of fact I gives a fuck about y'all
Put a Nigga up in a hole
Just like a groundhog
Thanks of the hounddogg
They finally found y'all
With maggets on your face
And about 12 motherfuckin' bodies hangin' around y'all
I do my thug thang
Duckin' in and out of lanes
In a Mustang candy paint, tangerine, orange
Tats on my arm
Better ring the fuckin' alarm
Or be the first that get mashed on
Nigga, do yo thug thang

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