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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yukmouth Do Yo Thug Thang


Hear It!

Niggas used to hit me up
Till they see that fuckin' Régime insignia,
Up in the sky Firebreatin' dragon
Niggas bout to die make it feel like Armageddon,
When I'm beheadin'
And wettin niggas up at they own wedding
With they own weapons
Count your blessings ghetto lesson number one:
Never try to go to war without your gun
Niggas get done
Since I quit fuckin' with Num
I get one's like Big Pun
Off the books, have your body in a coffin look
Nigga I'm off the hook
Like a phone thats jooked
And burned out
Thugged out and turned out
Slap that motherfucking perm out your head
Niggas dead, if you ain't Régime, or Outlaw
Kiss the ring I do my thug thing without y'all
Matter of fact I gives a fuck about y'all
Put a Nigga up in a hole
Just like a groundhog
Thanks of the hounddogg
They finally found y'all
With maggets on your face
And about 12 motherfuckin' bodies hangin' around y'all
I do my thug thang
Duckin' in and out of lanes
In a Mustang candy paint, tangerine, orange
Tats on my arm
Better ring the fuckin' alarm
Or be the first that get mashed on
Nigga, do yo thug thang

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