"Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it?" Jay-Z

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cee-Lo In Da Wind


Yo, why is this cat harmonizing on all his joints these days? Cee-lo was the sickest member of Goodie Mob, and had one of the most ridiculous, animated flows ever. I'm saying, he blew the spot on many his features, but this flow made me forget that Big Boi rhymed on this record. That is NOT an easy task. Hell, I forgot that it was Trick Daddy's song for a minute. Word to Gnarls Barkley, they say he's crazy, I say he's sick.

Hardcore with the con-con, Valor to the floor

He Lo the impure, with the loaded four-four

Be sure and acquire more 'fore ya fuck with mine

Disrespect; I'll disconnect ya line

With a sick squad, when shit's hot, ya get shot

The fire, the fury, ya fuck with it not

Ya stoppin the grace, get out my space and my - face

Fore me and my ace-a lay down the whole place

Recognize, this is the verbalize

Surprise, fuckin with me wrong way to wise nigga

Hoes, clothes, shows, Vogues, golds

Big ol' bankrolls, that's all a nigga know

Throw yo' elbows, I'm sicker than I suppose

Hoes unchose, cuz my jewelry froze

You know how it goes, these young niggaz don't want it like this

Go off and get yo' gat, to silence the chit-chat, blast!

So pass, outlast, bout cash

Mo' sicky, talk tricky to the trick like trash

Lo realer, a go-rilla, flow for mo' scrilla

Come clean, lookin mean, but you ain't no killa!

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