"Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it?" Jay-Z

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Method Man Supa Ninjaz


Hear It!

Hmm, eye spy, with my crooked eye

Four metal street soldiers, born to die

Put em up yeah fuck yeah,

When it's Hammertime niggaz can't be touched here,

The true and livin Night vision unseen,

Like Jean when I Hack-men The Unforgiven,

Left in prison in the Wu-Tang dirty dungeon,

Now you succumbin to my twelve part dirty dozens,

Flabbergasted by tracks that be Tru Mastered,

Opposites attract beef plus they ass backwards,

Stick yourself til I'm felt,

This ass whoopin, is bein dealt

Like hot peas and butter nigga, I got the belt

What the deal huh? Swing low, sweet chariot

I walk the Underground Railroad, with Harriett

Just a slave to the rhythm - victims

I'm like alien About to put that shit up in em,

I Can't Live Without My Radio, a 100 Miles and Runnin

T2 Judgment comin,

Nobody's safe when I reminisce about Case,

Still hit the staircase when the coppers give chase,

I give em finger The only hip-hop singer,

To tell America to kiss his Killer Bee stinger,

Nothin can save ya from this major misbehavior,

Heavy hands layin corners in the elevator,

Guard your grill......

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MJG Lay It Down


Hear It!

Thirty buster in yard talkin shit bout a bitch

claimin to be that bitch's family but they look like dirty tricks

talkin about why did I meet that hoe, fuck the hoe

charge the hoe, break the hoe, house the hoe, bust her inside her shit and go

Suckers how the fuck you think that MJG was gonna slip

on the only reason you mad cause you sister couldn't pussy whip

a back breakin, check takin, pimp nigga constantly makin

money off your sister and your lady, nigga I ain't tradin

Why don't you niggaz understand I'm the pimp she's the hoe

Now that I told you now you know, break that chain and let her go

Back on the track shake that ass, make my money

Make it fast, get yo head swoll bringin me checks bitch bring me cash

Drop yo panties, to let you start

To open your mouth, slurp and slob

on this dick you, he's the trick you's a bitch, do ya job

when you through, get up and go, get the cheese, hit the door

Catch a cab, back to the lab, bring my motherfuckin money hoe

don't you ever front me with a lame lie about my bank

Oh shit, look out bitch, dump a bitch catch a plane

Yeah hoe now you know, I'm a pimp, and I'ma clown all upside yo head

Yeah bitch, I'ma lay it down

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

JadaKiss We're Back


Hear It!

Nahh! Uh, yeah,

AiyyoI got a wet haze, coke, and a p-blow block

But y'all still missin the point like a free throw shot

Get it? This ain't some'n you learn, this is some'n you earn

Turn it up and give me some'n to burn

That boy 'Kiss is a hell of a man

Treat your life like a cell phone, so try to get a helluva plan

Cause most dudes left the hood broke

A couple knew what they was doin, so they came back like good coke

Down South they'll tell you 'Kiss is good folk (that's right)

Up North I hit my niggaz off with good smoke

Out West they ridin with me, now I'm back hard

I'm just worried bout the rats that's in my back yard

Hated by many, confronted by none

I trust two guys, one's God, and one is my gun

Jada is the nice guy, 'Kiss is the monster

D-Block and Double R is my sponsor

Cowards don't mean what they say when they talk

Cowards lean a certain kind of way when they walk

Cowards don't mean what they say when they talk

Cowards lean a certain kind of way when they walk

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