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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Method Man Supa Ninjaz


Hear It!

Hmm, eye spy, with my crooked eye

Four metal street soldiers, born to die

Put em up yeah fuck yeah,

When it's Hammertime niggaz can't be touched here,

The true and livin Night vision unseen,

Like Jean when I Hack-men The Unforgiven,

Left in prison in the Wu-Tang dirty dungeon,

Now you succumbin to my twelve part dirty dozens,

Flabbergasted by tracks that be Tru Mastered,

Opposites attract beef plus they ass backwards,

Stick yourself til I'm felt,

This ass whoopin, is bein dealt

Like hot peas and butter nigga, I got the belt

What the deal huh? Swing low, sweet chariot

I walk the Underground Railroad, with Harriett

Just a slave to the rhythm - victims

I'm like alien About to put that shit up in em,

I Can't Live Without My Radio, a 100 Miles and Runnin

T2 Judgment comin,

Nobody's safe when I reminisce about Case,

Still hit the staircase when the coppers give chase,

I give em finger The only hip-hop singer,

To tell America to kiss his Killer Bee stinger,

Nothin can save ya from this major misbehavior,

Heavy hands layin corners in the elevator,

Guard your grill......

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