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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jay Z Can I Get Open

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Hear It!

Well, cause Can I? is never a question of how but

When I rip it, will I quit it, forget it

Still I'm always on point whenever I hit it

Biting's forbidden, don't do what ya gonna..., too late ya'll did it

I'm shredding the track, I'm burning you back-back, like Backdraft

Brotha's who running the crack down I stutter, that-that niggas fast

I pick up the pieces, I straigten it out like Pete Rock

Or C is, or creases, it's your choice, Jesus--Christ

I'm nice like that, you freakin gay right

I flow like water, so put your finger in a dyke

I slam, I got original flavor, pick up the jam

I killed Chico, and now it's just me- The Man

Go get your gun I go all out with a can

Brothers is having a hard time with who I am

J kicken it, A rippin it, way past Y

I'm so crraazzyy, AAAAHHHH

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