"Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it?" Jay-Z

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Da Brat Not Tonight Remix


Hear It!

Y'all see, how these bogus niggaz try not to notice the dopest bitches

Approachin with good intentions but focusin on they riches

If it's, too hot then get the fuck up out the kitchen

Niggaz dicks, stay lifted when they thinkin of me

Cause the rhythm I kick, puzzle them like arithe-ma-tic

Fillin em with, slugs off the nine milli luger clips

Bitches bust, we just, keep kickin up dust

And you can spread rumors shit is makin me sicker than head tumors

Humor me, by huggin me sayin you lovin me

Playa phony niggaz be buggin,

I can tell cause the thug in me wanna sell drugs and push Ki's

Need to get me mo' of deez, VV's and M3's

Smoke weed from overseas pimped out styled Rol-e's

Fuck the police keep my wallet obese

Who the, Windy City woman still comin and gunnin Straight from the Chi

Tonight's the night for all the ladies, let's get high!

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