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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

John Forte Family Business


I think cats slept on John Forte, but he rarely left you disappointed when he blessed you with a flow. This is the joint that put me on. It is well worth the a listen, because everyone featured had an ill flow.

Hear It!

We used to jump rope,

But now we gun hope

Bustin shots off of project roof tops

Sending signals with the blunt smoke.

Ock, dont talk a lot if you cant hold it in lock

If you think lips sink ships,

Imagine full glock clips.

I hold a glass of remy martin

Gettin milks by the carton

Extortin the light weights for thinkin they important

The night pays and heavenly waysAint nothin free ah

Knowledge of your family and steppin to your b.i.

You see i, stay on top of shit like a fly

My niggas reach when they got beef

Then jet down to south beach

Yo mouthpiece is yappin

I hear it in your rap and

My family is thick so that bullshit could never happen.

Refugee Allstars We Tryin To Stay Alive

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1 comment:

  1. John Forteeeee!!!!!!
    He out now, wuz probly walkin around the joint lookin like Supreme Allah from Oz!!!!!