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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mos Def Close Edge

The Mighty Mos has proven himself to be one of the baddest lyricists in the game today with his cultured sound, wide vocabulary and ferocious attack. He has also proven himself as a musician, stepping outside of Hip-Hop boundaries, and experimenting with Rock and Blues elements, as seen on his sophomore effort The New Danger. Some might not identify with the Hard Rock aspect of Mos' more recent music, but give credit where it it due. Whether rocking or rapping, Black Dante knows how to get that foot tapping, and lyrically, aint a damn thing changed.

But when I'm lettin' off around don't get in the cross
Have your preacher man speakin' low gettin' his cross
Tell 'em wild cowboy not to get off they horse
Before they find out the town law's strictly enforced
It's a real bad way to get your name in the Source
Testin' the limits of a dangerous force
your ended up dumb famous and gone
Your people shoutin' out your name in they song
Pourin' liquor on the day you was born
Find paint to put your face on the wall
C'mon fall back, there's no need for all that
It's all good, we all here, goin' all out (all out)
All day, listen when this song say

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The Definition from the Blackstar album

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