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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 Pac Shakur Got My Mind Made Up

Don't be mad at Pac because he tantalized your favorite rapper. With his A.K. he's still that thug that you love to hate. Thus far, I don't think that there has been another artist who could talk as much shit as Tupac Shakur. Pac had an incredible ability of raising his voice and getting your adrenaline pumping. Pac could make you feel invincible, bulletproof, like you could take on the world. Mentality of a revolutionary damaged by the harsh reality of life, Tupac was a gifted individual who, like all other human beings, made many mistakes throughout his brief, troubled time upon this earth. "Got My Mind Made Up" from the All Eyez On Me remains one of my favorite flows from 2Pac because shows a great deal of versitility and damn near smashes every other MC to appear on the record. This is a huge statement considering they all brought their A game.

Hear It!

So mandatory my elevation my lyrics like orientation
So you can be more familiar with tha nigga you facin
We must be based on nothin better than communication
Known to damage and highly flamable like gas stations
Sorry I left that ass waitin
No more procrastination give up to fate, and get that asss shakin
I'm bustin and makin motherfuckers panic
Don't take ya life for granted put that ass in the dirt
You swear the bitch was planted
My lyrics motivate the planet
It's similar to Rhythm Nation
but thugged out, forgive me Janet
Who's in control I'm acvtivatin yo souls
You know, the way the games get controlled
Yo, two years ago, a friend of mine
Told me Alize and Cristal blows your mind
Bear witness to the dopest fuckin rhyme I wrote
Takin off my coat, clearing my throat


A sick number of albums, more released after his untimely death than before. In all honesty, some probably should not have been considering it was murdered much like him. 2Pac's lyrics will always be incomparable, yet some producer should have never been allowed in the same room with his music. They could not produce the sound needed to carry Pac's spirit. Jazzy Pha needs a good old fashion south-side of Chicago ass whuppin for his role in Better Dayz. Although Eminem is capable of occaisionally pulling a hot track out of his ass (Renegade), his also did not have what it took to capture Pac's intensity. The man's music is too great to have it continuosly butchered, go ahead and drop that paper on Just Blaze, 9th, Timmy, Neptunes, Dre or Kanye or somebody like that who has shown the abilty to set the mood for vaious artist. Style.

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