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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Starang Wondah Hurricane Starang

Why is it that everytime I say Boot Camp Click, cats start talking to me about Mystikal and Black Menace? The Duck Down family seems to me to be some of the most heavily skilled, yet overlooked MC's in the game. From Buckshot on down to the Reps ya'll, these cat's have been banging out hits for over a decade. Starang Wondah (no relation to Stevie) is displayed here in Hurricane Starang from OGC's Da Storm album. Just check him.

I be Grand like Puba but I most move wit Dru Ha
puts the B in hoo-ya, Strang cummin to do ya
scream halleluyah, but it still wont help ya
run from OGC and get caught by Heltah Skeltah
jet to the other side, run for cover hide
niggas still wouldnt be safe even if I let em slide
This aint baseball, I waste yall, ask no question
attack from the back from the Black Smif N Wessun
I be rubbishin, any crew that claims they be bubbilin
get that ass capped (ascap)
like them niggas when they be handlin my publishin
I be lovin when fake rappers
question my status when my crew be the phattest
add this, you can ask my man the Big Kahuna
kablow make you say yaow (seau) like Junior
[Rock] You been warned
[Strang] The storms in the atmosphere
move over make room gunn clappers here
cuz its ill how I kick lyrical skill wit the force
no joke when I leave ya chokin off the exhaust
of course, who else could it be but Mr.Strang
who'll hit that ass from every angle
they dont really wanna tangle

OGC Huricane Starang
Uploaded by madhater

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