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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sheek Louch Scenario 2000


Hear It!

Y’all dem bust in them crowd niggaz and hit whoever
When you should aim for them niggaz that took yo leather
They right there, but you scared that they gon bust
Cause they crazy, but crazy niggaz bleed like us
See I’m one shot thru the heart like cupid
Y’all niggaz might be crazy, but y’all not stupid
It’s 99, I’m killin you, woman and kid
Fuck scarface, watch me, I’m mo action to see
Than the muthafuckaz that y’all see on t.v.
And fuck what you heard, check how sheek get down
Comes the gun, shit, I’m rhymin wit one on me now
You neva know, what clown could walk in the studio
Talkin shit, and there’s gon be more than the amps that blow
I’ll pour gas on yo skin and watch yo shit detach
Wit a book of matches, now dats when you met yo match
And the worst thing for you is for me to have a gun when I’m thirsty
I’ll turn niggaz more holy man, than Eddie Murphy
And I deal wit mo bricks than that city do in Jersey
I got call cops niggaz,
I got autops niggaz,
that’ll bust you and slide Wit some of 6-drop niggaz
Revolver pop niggaz,
easy ox niggaz,
get knocked Say I smoked detox niggaz
Drug program, hit the streetz and cop 56 mo gramz
Y’all niggaz ain’t fuckin wit the fam and dats word


Sheek Freestyle
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  1. yeah I remember this, everybody on this joint had a ill flow....

  2. I don't really like Sheek tho. But Styles P that bitness.