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Friday, November 7, 2008

Heavy D You Aint Heard Nuttin Yet

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Why is it that noone EVER brings up Heavy D in a conversation about old schoool rap? Heavy, in my opinion, was one of the greats when it came to vocabulary, word play, delivery and swag. Who didn't like to see his chubby ass dancing while he spit "We Got Our Own Thang"? Plus nobody could say that Diddley D shit right but him. Let's rewind to that old shit for a minute.

Hear It!

How could I explain to ya -

the Heavmania

Tryna figure eight or make it simple and plain to ya

Hmm, I'm the Heavster, a rap register

That flows with cash so fast you can't measure the

Intent of content that I rep-re-sent

The format of my rap from past to present tense

Girls they adore me, they scream for me

Fellas get jealous cause the ladies won't ignore me

Ov-er-weight Lo-ver MCH-E-A-V-Y-D, rap champion

Ask Nick and Damian

Joe Black, Pete Rock, Billy Bob and they'll explain to ya

Who is the greatest, the biggest, the baddest! (baddest!)

They won't front, they know the Heavy D. status

My favorite, old time group came Gladys

Knight & The Pips and, love "Flip" Wilson

The Great Houdini was my, favorite magician

Sit back relax, cause Heav is on a mission

I'm a inject, de-tect, dialect, disect, direct

Heav is in effect - but you ain't heard nuttin yet!

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