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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ludacris The Potion

I got mad love for many southern MC's, but what moves most just doesn't do it for me. I'm trying to figure out exactly when a cats swagger became more important than what he has to say. Speaking the realest of that real street shit means nothing as far as MCing is concerned if an artist is not good at it. That's where Ludacris comes in. Cris does not claim to be something is not on any track, and lyrically, will give it to any MC from any coast, set, hood, project, crew, camp, team, unit, squad, or any other slick ass term we can fabricate to represent our groups. What's real, stop swinging from the balls of these cats with these lazy, drunk flows and calling them the coldest in the game because they can pull a few punch lines out of their ass. That's only a fraction of what we call this Hip-Hop shit. Give credit to the real mouths of the South.

Hear It!

Only stand 5 '8, but still a big shot

Plus i got a big {cock}

Clean every day, stay fresher then whats in a zip-lock

Tell your man to kick rocks,

when i make my pit stops

Im in, then its hard to get me out like im a slipnot

Born to be a leader and not, no not a follower

Only hang with chicks that got more twist then Oliver

Not much of a hollerer

but i like to borrow her

Lips bringin out the best in me, specially if shes a swollower

Freaky deaky yellow man,

and im sayin hello man

To all the lovely ladies that like to jiggle like jello man

Bigger booty, small waist, put em' in a small place

And if aint no ass where I'm at then im in the wrong place

Bail like a bondsman, but keep em dancin

Got pop potential stay black like Bob Johnson

Who the hell is that in that fancy car

Tell your momma im a Ghetto Superstar


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