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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Eve EVE Double R What

As Ruff Ryders 1st and only lady, Eve has proven to be one of the most fierce female MC's ever. Her soft voice mixed with her ferocious street attack secured her title as the pitbull in a skirt. But in my opinion, cats need to start sticking to the original script. Ever since her somewhat successful run on her own short lived UPN sitcom, it seems she that she hasn't been rapping the same. Or it that we just hear her differently now? Whatever it is, she is not the same Eve that ripped cats a new asshole on several tracks. She used to be that ghetto ryde or die chick, now she's a pretty girl, is that a good thing? From "What Y'all Want" to "Tamborine," lyrically she is still that business, but will the real Eve please stand up?

Hear It!

I'm a savage bitch

Ain't nobody gettin' close to this

And ain't nobody flipped and wrote the shit

And can't nobody sit and coach this shit

You feelin' lucky? then aproach me, shit

I'm like the glass, you just the coaster bitch; Under me!

You wanna make it ugly, can't do nothin' 'bout it

Angry at the public, buggin' me

Rat bitch, pot bitch, hungover hot bitch

Wantin' all that money, fuckin' gettin' all that rock, shiiit

Scared of who? huh, we goin' get rid of you

Climbin' the walls wit' gimmicks, that shit is pitiful

Dawgs close by me, so why try me

They wan' cop me but they too sloppy

Damn, I gotchu stuck in a box

You feelin' trapped, got your stomach in knots

'Cause I ain't lettin' goI keepin' it locked

I know you gettin' mad 'cause your luck's up

Plus I'm a purebread, baby, I don't fuck with mutts

Come on!



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