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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dark Man X Niggas Done Started Somethin


I have to start this off with X. I was hooked when I heard LL's "4,3,2,1" and my man said "But you asked for it baby!!!!" I remember thinking damn, that shit was kind of nice. Then I heard this cat kill it on Ma$e's "24 Hours to Live", I had to hear everything my man got on. I grabbed that "It's Dark and Hell Is Hot" album as soon as it dropped. Back then you couldn't walk the street without hearing somebody barking like X or harmonizing that X shit. Say what you want about his more recent work, "shit gabbage", "shit wack", "X fell off", but one thing about DMX, he did him and expressed himself, unlike most of these cats following trends and wack ass fads. Not a bunch of cats bold enough to attempt that one. So fuck all them legal problems, arrests and drug addictions, I'm still on The Dog's team, and I sincerely hope he get his shit together. We need him.
Hear It!

Don't come at me wit no bullshit, use caution
Cause when I wet shit, I dead shit, like abortions
For bigger portions, of extortion then racketeering
Got niggaz fearin, fuck whatchu heard, this whatchu hearin
How much darker must it get, how much harder must it hit
See if your hardest niggaz flip,
when I start a bunch of shit
I like pussy, but not up in my face, so gimme three feet
Cause when we creep, no more than
three deep, niggaz see sheep
Bloodhounds found your shit buried in the mud
Following traces of gun powder, residue and blood
A positive ID is impossible, so you know
John Doe is what they gon' be
puttin on that tag on yo' toe
Now who gon tell yo mother, her baby's
under a cover in the morgue
Stiff as a log, sniffed out by the dogs
Son of a hard headed nigga that wouldn't listen
so you got whatchu came for
[ Sheek ]
What's that?
[ DMX ]
Surgery wit the chainsaw grrrrr, I hit the fuckin streets
cause like I said before ain't
nothin goin down until I eat
Mu'fuckers think it's all about impressin
bitches and stressin bitches
Well, I'm testin bitches game, adressin
bitches, and caressin bitches
And dealin wit mu'fuckers on all levels
What I'm dealin wit is all devils, fuckin with snakes
Runnin wit niggaz you call rebels
I got an army of 730 niggaz, dirty niggaz
that come through and worry niggaz
30 niggaz that like to bury niggaz
And scary niggaz get it all the time
cause what they got is all of mine
Your man was talkin shit until I pulled the nine
And if I don't know you, I don't fuck witchu
And if you wit my man, then he gettin stuck witchu
and gave it the money
Cause I just lost my mind when he crossed the line
Sent his back through his chest
then I tossed the nine, boss of crime
Black Gotti, I stack bodies wit the black shotty
Bitch-ass niggaz who act snotty
Get it

These niggaz is for real
These niggaz ain't playin

This ain't no fuckin game
You think we playin?
Ruff Ryders

X and Jay Freestyle

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