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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rakim The Saga Begins


The R the A to the K I M. The God Rakim. I figured I'd hit you off with more modern Ra because it seemed to have been slept on when it came out. Rakim always have been and will always be the greatest, don't get it twisted. "The 18th Letter" and "The Master" lyricaly was some of the greatest material ever written, but went mostly overlooked due to their lack of production. All real Ra fans know what's up.

Hear It!

Yo, the legacy lives, let em see what the pedigree is

Mega-thesis, blessin these kids with extra features

The depth's deep as, the deepest sea is

Telepathy increases melody hit speakers, telekinesis

Ideas appear as clear as, pictures in movie theaters

Lyrics you hear it, devestating the way you ear it

So stay tuned for sequels, part two's and more

So soon you and your peoples can bumrush the store

The name have changed the game remain the same

How Ra came to reign on his claim to fame

No stoppin this I'm droppin this with hip-hop in this

And when the topic is topicless, then I'm writing the apocalypse

So all hail the honorable, microphone phenomenal
Persona is unbombable, trust me son
I continue like a saga do, bringin you the drama to
allow you that the chronicle has just begun

The God Rakim

Rakim Paid In Full Live
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  1. I love RAKIM he has always shown that he's the master of the mic!