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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Royce Da 5"9 When Bad Meets Evil


Hear It!

The disaster wit dreads,

I'm Bad enough to commit suicide and survive long enough To kill my soul after I'm dead

When in danger it's funny

actually my flavor's similar to a waiter, Cuz I serve any stranger wit money

I spray a hundred, man until they joint chains

While slippin bullets at point blank range like they was punches

Piss on a flag and burn it,

murder you then come to your funeral service lobby and strangle your body to confirm it

Whippin human ass, throwin blows crackin jaws

Wit my fists wrapped in gauze,

dipped in glue and glass

I'm blazin MC's, at the same time amazin MC's

Somehow MC's ain't that eye-brow raisin to me

From all of angles of us, flash a mack loud enough to cast a avalanche

And bust till volcanoes errupt

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