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Friday, September 19, 2008

Shawn Jay Ultimate Satisfaction


Hear It!

Man Flex drop the bomb, when I rhyme it's TNT

That's why my money long as the line at the DMV

When they askin who was that that was snappin I'm that answer

You like Snickers bring no nuts no (satisfaction)

I hustle and flow, I done been by my cheese since I was knee high

Weed what you need, hit me I'ma drop off peaches like I'm T.I.

Earvin Johnson gimme that rock and magic cap of Shawn Jay

Dope sold money for (satisfaction)

I been the nigga they can't fuck with, hot but the flow cold

Flip rocks by the boatload O.G. no sea see me drift off getcha no-doz

Zip-loc full of dro tote big glocks on the hip cocked try to play the big shot

Get popped with the four four

Don't be the reason they mopped in the floor for payin me, that (satisfaction)

Food for thought let me get that gwap, man I need this cream

Where my cake give me my candles, I got sweet sixteen

Now the kid with the cocaine flow got DTP on his necklace

Now Luda tell them what you think about your invest (satisfacton)

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